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Coffee Shops and Roasters

Aaron Steffey started this niche after joining the Indy Coffee Association and attending the Specialty Coffee Association trade events. We now insure roasters and coffee shops throughout the nation and will continue to grow this niche.

Coffee Shops

Being an independent insurance agent, we love working with independent business owners and admire the entrepreneurial spirit. Without having the spirit ourselves, we wouldn’t be here today. Entrepreneurship is truly engrained in our agencies culture. This being said, we have grown particularly fond of working with coffee shop owners throughout the United States. We find coffee shop owners are especially passionate and dedicated to their craft, and that enthusiasm makes them fun and enjoyable for us to work with. The insurance needs of coffee shops are understood by our agents and we have the experience necessary to acquire the CORRECT coverage at the lowest price point possible. We currently insure coffee shops from Seattle to Philadelphia and in between. We work locally in Indianapolis with the Indy Coffee Association. This group has allowed us to acquire knowledge from area business owners within the coffee industry. We understand the relative amount of inventory your store will carry. We understand the amount of insurance you need for equipment and your shops buildout. We know the price of a new espresso machine. This helps us communicate better with store owners in acquiring them the best coverage from one of our 7 different insurance carriers. Please contact us today if you’re interested in having us quote your shop in the near future. We are licensed to insure in your state. Whether your starting a shop or have a well-established shop already, let us insure your business properly and save you money in the process.

Coffee Roasters

Insuring coffee roasters was a natural progression from joining the Indy Coffee Association and insuring coffee shops and cafes. We’ve seen a sharp increase over the past 5 years in just the sheer amount of independent coffee roasters. This has a direct relation to the increase in independent coffee shops opening up over the years and their desire for what we call “craft coffee”. Similar to the Brewery Boom over the past decade, we see a similar pattern in the Coffee Industry, passionate people, working to create perfect blends of coffee beans. It’s truly amazing to see the variety of coffee we now have today. Specialty coffee is now being imported from more countries than ever. Unique blends are being made privately for different cafes and restaurants. And we’re happy to be apart of it! We insure coffee roasters here in Indianapolis, as far east as Philadelphia, and as far south as Atlanta. We can insure your roasting business in any state within the US. Roasters need to have the proper amount of insurance for their equipment (roasters can get VERY pricey), as well as have coverage for inventory on hand and products liability. Workers Compensation insurance will come into play if there are employees without ownership in the company. Being that we have much experience in this industry, we can easily identify issues with your coverage and quote you with one of our 7 different insurance companies. We’ll make sure we get you in the right policy for a less expensive price than you have currently. No longer should the coffee industry be grouped into food and beverage. It’s large enough to require a focus and attention to detail on its’ own, and that’s what we provide!

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