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Non-Profit Organizations

Insuring Non-Profit organizations is a niche spawned out of our Greenfield location. These risks require some specialty coverage options which we are well-versed in and able to guide you along the way.

At Steffey Hatoway, we understand Nonprofit and social services strive to make the world a better place. Whether your business provides shelter for homeless animals or offers after-school programs for at-risk youths, your business serves a purpose beyond the bottom line. Yet when accidents arise, your business needs a plan of action so it can continue its mission. After all, a lawsuit can be enough to bankrupt even the best-run nonprofit organization.

Many nonprofits choose General Liability Insurance to protect their business in case an unexpected accident occurs and a liability lawsuit ensues. If you work with clients for fundraisers or special events, this coverage can meet certain contract stipulations they might have. It also protects your organization if it’s found liable for a third party’s property damage or bodily injuries.

Because even small incidents can result in costly lawsuits, General Liability is a foundational policy for any business. For more details about General Liability and how this coverage benefits your nonprofit or social services business, contact us today.

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