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Frozen Pipes Prevention

With intense weather conditions threatening Indianapolis, the Mid West, and the New England area, we wanted to try to get some information to our customers on how to prevent frozen pipes. Please enjoy this information courtesy of our friends at PuroClean. Thank you...


Insuring Your Condo or Townhome

At Steffey Insurance, we have had an opportunity to insure many townhouses and condo units across Indianapolis, Indiana and beyond. With all of the new construction happening around the Indy area, we’ve had a chance to run-across many different types of condo units and...


Insurance for Home-based Businesses

Our largest and longest tenured insurance carrier, Erie Insurance, recently posted an article on their website we felt was important to share. We’ve had a few requests lately for quotes on home-based businesses, including graphic design work, coffee roasting, and even a greenhouse. ...



ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) bonds are required by federal law to cover funds in employee pension plans and profit sharing plans. The bond must equal at least 10% of the plan value at any time. ...


Understanding Comprehensive Coverage

Broken windshield and other glass are typically covered under the comprehensive coverage portion of an auto insurance policy. Comprehensive generally provides coverage for physical damage to your vehicle caused not by a collision with another vehicle, but by a variety of other special perils....

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