Our Story

Currently, we operate offices across 3 states with over 25 agents working full-time.

Our mission as business owners is to grow profitably, create jobs, and be a positive influence within our surrounding communities. We strive to do this without sacrificing the customer service and personal relationships our clients have grown accustomed to sharing with us over the many years we've been in business.


Since the 1970’s,

Steffey Insurance has worked hard to deliver superior service and create lasting client relationships. We’ve assembled a team of trusted insurance professionals, financial consultants, and benefits specialists to serve many of your most important needs. Every day, we deliver personalized solutions with comprehensive plans at the best value. Our company thrives on being local, personal, and customizable.

We will work hard to create the kind of trust-based partnership that protects you, your family, and everything important in your life.

We have strategically aligned our services with many of the finest and most reputable insurance carriers in the industry. Having the relationship with multiple carriers enables our independent agents to provide the best comprehensive solutions for your lifestyle. Life, business, home, farm, auto, motorcycle, and more, we have got you covered.

Now with offices in Indianapolis, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

we’re able to create a further geographic reach for our potential clients and offer a wider breadth of products to serve them. Our agents live throughout these areas and we’re also licensed and insuring in: Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. Bottom Line: Wherever you are in life, and whenever you need us most, we can help you get the peace-of-mind you deserve. And we truly do appreciate our clients and try our best to show them this every day.


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