Flood Insurance by Steffey

Steffey Insurance provides private market flood insurance

Steffey Insurance can help protect your property from flood damage, which is typically excluded from normal home and property insurance policies. At Steffey, we have access to FEMA as well as the private flood markets. The private market is often times MUCH cheaper than FEMA if you're not in a high-risk area. There are a few rating factors that determine the cost of flood insurance, such as:

  • Property Location
  • Amount of Property Coverage
  • Amount of Contents Coverage
  • Foundation of Property
  • Deductible
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Many customers do not know that flood insurance is purchased a la carte from their traditional home insurance. Flood insurance protects your property from a body of water intruding into your home from the outside while water back up coverage on your homeowners covers you for water backing up in your basement.


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Family owned and operated for over 40 years.

Steffey Insurance has been serving home and flood insurance customers for over 40 years throughout the nation. We are licensed in nearly every state in the continental US.

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