We’re always excited to tell the world about the clients we insure. Our clients come from so many different states, backgrounds, and industries, we always find it fascinating to hear their story and learn about how they do business. We wanted to take some time to shine a spotlight on one of our many great clients, and in our opinion, the finest purveyor of ice cream in Indianapolis, BRICS!

BRICS is a full-service ice cream shop located in the Broad Ripple section of Indianapolis, Indiana. They also serve coffee and other beverages but are most well-known for their delicious ice cream served up with a view of the Monon Trail. They’re located at 901 E. 64th St. directly on the Monon. As of now, they’re listed as the #1 ice cream shop in Indianapolis on Trip Advisor and have won multiple contests locally as well as winning praise state wide.

Besides serving up the best ice cream in Indiana, including flavors such as ‘Monon Tracks’ and ‘Whistle Stop Wake Up’, BRICS is mightily committed to being environmentally friendly and efficient. As their website states:

“BRICS is committed to being environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible. That is not a light undertaking in an ice cream shop. All sample spoons are “real” metal spoons (saving all those plastic spoons), ice cream is served in a glass parfait dish, water is served in glasses; even their water fountain has an attachment to help runners, walkers and bikers fill their water bottles”.

Their ice cream comes from Sherman Ice Cream, a hundred-year old company located in South Haven, Michigan. Deliveries are made fresh every week, and flavors are as reliable as they are different. There are always 24 permanent flavors and 12 rotating flavors. Sherman’s was an intentional and well-thought out pick. Many Hoosiers were familiar with the family-owned establishment from vacations on Lake Michigan, and Sherman’s delivers a delicious, quality product that is affordable for families. Affordability and sustainability have always been at the core of BRICS, and they’ve stayed true to their vision.

BRICS, short for Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station, is a fixture in the Indianapolis community and has become a fixture client in our agency. We appreciate the opportunity to insure BRICS and look forward to a long relationship of supporting each others’ businesses. They’re clients of ours and we’re clients of theirs. That is the way we prefer to do business and keeping it local is something we strive to do.