So you paid off your vehicle, or you changed lienholders (loan companies)? Call us. You refinanced down to a lower mortgage rate? Call us. Oh, you paid off your mortgage? Congratulations, call us! We, along with many insurance agencies and brokerages throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana receive many of billing inquiries that lead right back to one of these things mentioned above. We can’t stress how important it is to let us know when you switch car loan companies or mortgage companies. Yes, selfishly, it makes our job easier, but it also makes your life easier as well. We can’t count how many times we’ve received this phone call, “I received a letter from my mortgage company that said they are going to place insurance on my property because they never received proof of insurance from YOU guys”. Did you refinance? How are we supposed to know if we’re not told? WHENEVER you refinance a home or car loan, it is imperative that you let your insurance agent know. This way, we can send proof of current insurance to the correct people. In the case of many mortgages, those which are escrow, this directly affects the billing as the home insurance bill is usually sent to the mortgage company. If there is a refinance and we’re not told we will continue to bill the incorrect mortgage company. These things are very easily avoidable but are often overlooked. All this said, it is easy to overlook. We just implore you try to keep it in mind.

Many times, the new lender will require the information of your current insurance agent, which is always helpful. We will always do the work for you when it comes to this but we need to be put in touch with the new lender. Whether you give them our contact information or we take theirs, this will ensure that we communicate properly and you don’t have overpriced, often poor quality insurance placed on your house or vehicle. Another way of reaching us for this matter is through the ‘Client Center’ tab on our website. You can message us to let us know and we’ll contact them lender and perform the rest. The most important thing from the customers’ end is communication. Please help us help you by notifying us in the future. As always, thanks for allowing us to serve you in any way we can!