Have you ever thought about the benefits of using a local agent? Having a local agent near can be a great benefit in times of need, and we’re glad to take the time to explain these benefits to our users. Many thought years ago that calling a ‘1-800’ number and the advances of technology would help do away with local agents. Although these advances have taken their place in the insurance industry, many would agree that there is still no substitute to having someone close.

One benefit of having a local agent is being able to talk to someone immediately in a time of need, and someone who understands your situation. For instance, you’re involved in an automobile accident and want to report it to your insurance agent as soon as possible. Would you like to be able to get ahold of someone immediately? Would you like to have talked to the person before? Most people would like to have a personal relationship with their agent in a startling time such as this one. Calling an 800 number and waiting on hold for someone you’ve never met before, and also has no idea of your situation, doesn’t sound as appealing in a time like this, you need a local agent!

Another great reason to have a local insurance agent is having someone that understands the area in which you live, and the coverage’s you may need. For instance, people who live along the eastern seaboard may have very different home insurance needs compared to those who live in the Midwest. Drivers in New York City may have very different insurance needs than drivers in Des Moines, Iowa. These differences that vary from region to region, and from state to state, can often be better explained and understood by a local agent. Local agents will take the time to build a strong relationship with their customers. They will help explain coverage’s to you, and take the time to make sure you know what you’re buying and that you’re comfortable with what you’re buying. After all, they ARE your neighbors!

Lastly, and we cannot stress this enough, investing your money locally helps the world around you more than you may think. For instance, if you buy your insurance direct from an insurance company, you will have no idea what happens to that money or where it goes. Whereas, when you buy from a local agent, a portion of that money will stay in the community with a local resident and be spent back into the local economy. If both policies are the same price, the choice should be easy! This isn’t only true for insurance purposes, but this is true for all industries and local businesses. We are starting to see a trend towards this train of thought and we think it’s fantastic! Spend locally, and help distribute the money you spend away from big corporations.