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We will continuously add the answers to frequently asked questions on this page. If you have a question in mind, always check here first. This is your go-to page for answers.
My premium increased, but I didn't have any claims, why?

Premium increases can result from a multitude of factors, including a rise or fall in your credit score, traffic violations and infractions, and more. Furthermore, companies will make their own increases based on prior year performance in your area. Was there a catastrophic storm or hail damage in your area the year before? Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and will raise rates based on being profitable.

I think my home may have been damaged in a storm, should I file a claim?

Before filing a claim, we always recommend getting an estimate from an independent company beforehand. Firstly, if the damage is not too extensive and you have to pay your deductible, it may be smart to pay the claim out of pocket and not file a claim that can potentially raise your insurance rates. Secondly, just because your neighbors may have roof damage after a storm, doesn’t automatically mean you do. It depends on the shape of their roof prior to the storm. Also, beware of scammers encouraging you to file a claim after a storm. These folks go door-to-door encourage their company use your insurance money, even if it’s not needed.

Am I covered to drive a rental car while on vacation?

If you have liability coverage, this will automatically transfer to a rental. The two coverage options you will be missing are collision if you’re at fault and loss of use to the rental car company if the car is out of commission due to your accident. Many people decline the rental car coverage but it really depends on the amount of risk you’re willing to accept. You can find more information regarding this on our block.

Are my belongings covered while in storage or in a Uhaul?

Yes. If you have the necessary home, condo, or renters coverage, your personal property is covered anywhere in the world. This includes storage facilities and while in transit, as well as if stolen from your own vehicle. Just make sure that your policy is paid and up-to-date, and know that this property is subject to your home deductible.

When a tree falls, do I have coverage? What if my neighbors falls in my yard?

This questions is dependent on the the company and policy you currently have. Most companies offer at least $500 for tree/debris removal after a storm. If a tree were to fall on your house or fence, that’d be subject to your own insurance deductible, even if it’s on your neighbors property line. Although your neighbor would have to pay to have their tree removed. It is wise to always keep an eye out for dead trees, both on your property and your neighbors.

My child just received their learner’s permit, should I add them to my policy?

Your child only needs to be added to your policy once they receive their drivers license and have an active drivers license number. Your child will automatically be covered while driving your vehicle as long as you’re in the car per the rules of your state.

If I lend my car to a friend or family member to use, is it still covered?

Auto insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. Therefore, you are able to loan your vehicle to friends and family for use and it will still be covered. Keep in mind, if the vehicle is wrecked, it will go against YOUR insurance. So, be mindful of who you lend your vehicle too and ALWAYS make sure the driver is licensed to mitigate any chances of a claim being denied.

If I drive for Uber or Lyft am I covered?

There are few companies that offer full coverage for drivers using their vehicles for Uber and Lyft. Fortunately, we have a company that is leading the pack in offering this coverage. Erie Insurance will offer full coverage to Uber and Lyft drivers as long as the vehicle usage is set to business use. This covers drivers while the app is turned on and during rides, whereas some companies are denying claims that happen during these times.

Are my sewer/service lines covered under my yard?

We have 2 companies that offer this coverage, Erie Insurance and Western Reserve. Most companies don’t cover utility lines and you’re often solicited this coverage by third party companies. If a service line breaks the excavation and replacement of the pipe can potentially cost thousands. Don’t be caught with this. Make sure you buy this coverage, especially if you live in an old neighborhood where clay pipes may not have been updated.

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