In March of 2013 we became the newest member of the Indy Coffee Association. This association is basically a collection of business owners around Indianapolis. We have many different types of businesses represented in the Indy Coffee Association, including independent coffee shops, roasters, equipment dealers, raw bean brokers, and more… You may ask yourself, where would Steffey Insurance fit into this equation? The answer is simple, we love coffee. For many years now we have reached out to insure cafe’s throughout Indiana and the mid-west, and we currently have a few in our book of business. Furthermore, with the coffee industry booming, and roasting business growing every day, we thought it would be a perfect time to become a staple in this industry. Our goal is to learn and perfect the art of insuring every coffee related business. You see, in the insurance industry, you have to find certain niche’s that your passionate about. You have to find those industries that enable you to not only work hard, long hours, but actually enjoy doing it! For us, the Coffee Industry is that niche!

We are currently working closely with business owners and professionals in the coffee industry to learn more about the industry itself, and how we can help them the most. The good news for us was that we already had the companies in place to be successful.  Our collection of companies has a strong appetite for coffee related business and offer VERY competitive rates. We are trying to become as involved as possible with the Indy Coffee Association and build the necessary relationships to be successful in this niche we have chosen. For us, the key is education. Not only do we want to educate our clients about their insurance needs and options, but we want to show them that we’re educated in this industry too.  We hope this helps us build trust with the owners of these great businesses.  This is a big step for us and we’re so excited about the future possibilities. We actually visited a fantastic local business, Foundry Provisions (pictured below), for their Grand Opening this past Friday. Their opening day was a HUGE success and we loved their new place.  They’re going to knock it out of the park at 16th & Alabama, in downtown Indy. We will also be donating to help send a local Barista to Coffee Fest in Chicago this summer. The businesses within the Indy Coffee Association are pooling their money together to help enter a Barista within the association enter the Coffee Art competition during Coffee Fest. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the Barista, and also for us to be represented at Coffee Fest.

In closing this post, I would just like to express how grateful we are to the Indy Coffee Association, and specifically the founder, Wes Kerlin, for welcoming us into the group and opening their doors for us to explore the complexities of these businesses. We’re very much appreciative and have already gotten the ball rolling quickly. If you own a Coffee Shop, a Roastery, or any other coffee related business and have found our website, great! We’re so happy to help you answer any possible questions you may have and also help you navigate your way to more affordable insurance. We do a great job of identifying the exact amount of coverage you need and acquiring if for you at the lowest possible price. We are based in Indianapolis, but serve all of Indiana as well as many other states throughout the country. We are your provider for insurance on any coffee related business. Contact us soon for a free quote and consultation! Thanks!