This day in age, keeping in touch with your clients is as easy and cost effective as ever, but still, many insurance agents refuse to take the time to do this!  In this blog post, we wanted to take the opportunity to layout the many ways in which our clients can keep in touch with Steffey Insurance.  Staying up to date with your insurance agent and the insurance industry can be very beneficial to customers.  This can allow you to stay on top of changes in the agency, have multiple ways to contact your agent in a time of need, and keep updated on closings, fundraisers, and other agency events.  Listed below are the 5 easiest ways to stay up to date with Steffey Insurance.

1. Facebook

Our Facebook page is a fun way to keep up with our agency, and sort of get a read on the personality of our agency.  We use our Facebook page to sort of give our followers a glimpse into our lives inside the office, as well as outside.  Many of our posts include pictures of us at events such as fundraisers, golf outings, award dinners, etc.  We also use Facebook to post interesting articles we find on the insurance industry and the insurance companies we represent.  If YOU are interested in liking us on Facebook please follow this link —> Facebook

2. Twitter

Our Twitter page is much more concise than Facebook, because of the 160 character limit.  Each post is very concise and to the point.  Twitter is a great way to follow news and events of our agency in a shortened manner.  Many things we post to Facebook we also post on our Twitter page.  We do this in hopes that our clients at least follow one or the other.  Please follow us on Twitter today —> Twitter

3. YouTube

We have started a YouTube page for all of our clients who are video lovers.  This is a relatively new platform for us, and although we only have 2 videos posted thus far, we hope to add at least one per month in the future.  So far, we have posted a commercial we shot for WRTV6 Indianapolis and another spot we were asked to do for Angie’s List.  Although we are not planning on walking the red carpet anytime soon, YouTube has been a fun avenue to explore and we look forward to doing more with it in the future.  Check it out for yourself! —> YouTube

4. Newsletter

Last month we sent out our first newsletter and received so much positive feedback.  It is long overdue, and we are really looking forward to continuing this opportunity to communicate with our clients.  Our newsletter will have a different theme each month, and we will choose a different topic to send out.  Last month was more of an introduction.  In the future we would like to educate our clients on different types of insurance, as well as other news in the agency.  Our newsletter is sort of a monthly roundup of what is happening in the agency and a great source of information for our clients.  You can opt-in to our newsletter by simply giving us your email.  You can send it to us via our website, via email, or call us and let us know.  We will be happy to add you on the next letter, and you will always have the choice to opt out!

5. Website

Obviously, if you’re reading this blog post, you’ve come to our website.  Checking our website is always a good idea if you’re looking for updates or any other news with our agency.  We will usually add a new blog post at least twice a month.  These posts will cover a very wide range of topics both in our agency and in the insurance industry.  Our website is also a good place to find our contact information, as well as information about the insurance products which we provide.  Lastly, the most important part of our website is that it’s a starting point for all the steps listed in this post.  You can access our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn all from the top right of our homepage.  As well as this, you can request quotes, watch videos on the site, and opt-in to our newsletter.

We want you to keep in touch with us, and we realize the importance of communication with our clients.  If there is ever an issue, WE want to know about it FIRST.  When you’re more than satisfied with our service, let us know on our social media sites!  Either way, we want to communicate with you better, and let you know how happy we are to have you as a customer.  Hope to see you soon!

Best Regards,

Aaron Steffey