At Steffey Insurance, we know the business of  automobile insurance and we protect you and your family with  great integrity.  Due to an ever changing  health care market,  choices of  health care plans are vastly increasing, along with their price.  One way to cover your medical expenses in the event of an automobile accident is to carry medical payments coverage.  Med Pay, as we refer to it, is a relatively inexpensive coverage on your auto insurance policy.  Most people have med pay coverage, but do not know their current limits.  You need to understand what exactly your auto insurance covers, especially when it comes to medical expenses.  You may want to review your medical payments on your automobile policy on an annual basis.  What are medical payment benefits on my policy you ask?

The  medical payment benefit is a health insurance benefit within the automobile policy that pays for  medical and funeral expenses  for bodily injury sustained by a covered person in a car accident. It pays regardless of who’s at fault in the accident. Each person occupying your car is covered for the policy limit in which you choose. Medical  payments coverage does not have a deductible or coinsurance requirement, this coverage starts paying with your first dollar of incurred expenses. It is a great coverage to have and you would greatly benefit from, and should  always consider having it.  Medical payments is an optional coverage and is not mandatory in the State of Indiana.  You have the option to purchase the amounts of $1,000 to $25,000 depending upon the company.

Please check with our agency about your medical payments coverage. Please don’t always assume coverage, we are here to professionally direct you  and your family with our insurance expertise.


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