Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Steffey Insurance has been serving Tennessee for the past two years.  Why Tennessee?  Well, we were approached in 2011 with an offer to insure a few Homeowners Associations and  Condo Associations in the greater Nashville area.  We wound up driving down from Indy (about 4 hours), checking out the properties, getting licensed, and submitting a few proposals.  Long story short, we wrote the properties and have been insuring Tennessee ever since.  Besides being relatively close to Indiana, Tennessee was also a perfect match with our companies. All of our companies represented (Erie, Travelers, Hanover, Progressive, etc.) wrote business in Tennessee.  This helped us make it as seamless a transition as possible.

Since then, our growth in Tennessee has continued.  We not only insure business and commercial property, but also write personal lines insurance in the Volunteer State.  We have clients stretching from Knoxville to Memphis and everywhere in between.  We have even flirted with the possibility of opening up a another location in Tennessee, although that’s not likely anytime soon. With the growth in technology, especially within our agency, it is easy for us to insure anywhere our companies write business.  The information technology age is here to stay, and most business can be conducted through phone, email, website, etc.  We make annual visits to Tennessee and have no problems meeting with clients face-to-face, but understand this is not always the best practice in an increasingly fast paced world.  Still, the option is there, and yours to take.  Here is a short list of how to access our agency from the state of Tennessee:

  • Phone: You can contact us TOLL FREE at 1-800-881-9731
  • Visit our WEBSITE.  On our website you can find up-to-date information on our agency as well as access our chat feature on the bottom left hand of the home page.  This will allow you to chat directly with a Steffey Insurance representative during business hours.
  • Email: You can email us anytime.  Use our website for access to all of our agents’ email address.
  • Social Media: Communicate with us through FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

These are way in which a Tennessean can get a hold of us and start saving money on his or her insurance.  We’re a full service agency in Tennessee, meaning we write home, auto, life, and business insurance to Tennessee.  . And, as stated before, all of our companies insure in the great state of Tennessee, meaning YOU have CHOICES!  We are not new to insuring across states lines, we have long written in the bordering states of Illinois and Ohio, and with much success.  We have had no problem making the transition to Tennessee.  We currently have friends of the agency living in the Nashville and Memphis areas who are consistently referring us business.  Ideally, our goal is to continue our growth in Tennessee until it warrants having a new location in the area.  Quotes are always free from our agency, so please feel free to pick up the phone or open an email, and let Steffey Insurance Agency lower your insurance costs today.  We’re standing by to assist you!