So, why Steffey Insurance?  That’s a good question, and a common question.  There are a vast amount of insurance       companies and insurance agents to choose from.  Choosing the right insurance agent for YOU is a personal decision, and shouldn’t be decided by an insurance companies’ newest commercial or mascot… Real factors should be considered when making this decision, it’s just too important!

1. What kind of insurance is needed?

First and foremost, you must choose an agent that offers the product that you need.  Furthermore, the agent should have extensive experience with this product.  For instance, when you need paint for the house, you don’t go to the grocery store to   get it, even though there is a chance that they have paint.  You go to a paint or hardware store, where you know the staff is knowledgeable and they probably carry the product you need.  The same goes for insurance.  Always make sure the agent you visit has knowledge and experience dealing with the type of insurance you require.  At Steffey Insurance, we specialize in auto, home, life, and business insurance.  This means anytime you contact us, there will be a seasoned insurance agent to assist you, who is fully licensed and can help you with any questions you may have.

2. What sort of customer service does that agent provide?

You’re always going to want great customer service.  One way of learning about a company or agency’s customer service without doing business with them right away is to simply Google them.  Read reviews from multiple sources before deciding   on a company or an agent, it’s well worth the time and it’s free!  Steffey Insurance gets high marks from nearly every source on the internet, including Google and Yellow Pages.  We have also been an Angie’s List member since 2008 and have been spotlighted by them in such videos as this one…

3.  What company(ies) does the agent represent?

This is very important as well.  Some agents (State Farm, All State, Farm Bureau, etc.) can only sell you insurance from one company.  These are called captive agents.  Captive agents are able to offer insurance from the one company they represent and nothing else.  This can create problems if you do not like the service or the product of that company, as the agent has no other carrier to turn to.  Luckily, Steffey Insurance is an independent agent.  Independent agents, or brokers, are able to offer insurance products from a wide variety of companies that specialize in different markets.  Steffey Insurance currently represents: Erie, Travelers, Hanover, AAA, Progressive, Philadelphia, GNY, and a few more!  This means if you’re not happy with a certain company, we can shop you, in house, with one of our other carriers.  This helps us find the perfect fit for our customers and gives them the opportunity to build relationships with us and the companies they trust.  All companies we represent get an A rating or better from AM Best.

4. Where is the agent/agency located?

This question has become less important in recent years with the emergence of new technology.  Because of growing online capabilities, very rarely do insurance agents and their clients ever come face to face anymore, but, that doesn’t stop us!  We offer to meet ANY of our clients if they so choose.  We always encourage our clients to come visit our offices if they’re in the area and relish the opportunity to meet for lunches or networking opportunities.  We sponsor many events and fundraisers throughout the year and always encourage our clients to come see us.  As far as our offices go, we are conveniently located in Indianapolis, Indiana, very close to a major interstate and thruway.  We have a toll free number for our customers that are out of area as well.  Thankfully, Indianapolis being a central location in the Midwest has helped us write business in Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri.  We like to think we are accessible to everyone to a certain degree!

Steffey Insurance has been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area for over 30 years now.  We are proud to now       serve several states throughout the country but will never forget where it all started.  We welcome your business and the opportunity to quote your insurance in the near future.  So if you’re asking yourself, why Steffey Insurance? ….Why Not!